Shannon Michael: CTO Talk Freight Worldwide

Meet Shannon Michael

Shannon Steede

Shannon oversees our technology strategy, focusing on research, development, and innovation, IT management, and cybersecurity. Shannon is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in logistics, technology, and management. Starting his career as a Forward Observer (13F) and Automated Logistics Specialist (92A) in the U.S. Army ignited his entrepreneurial spirit and fostered his innovative approach to logistics.

A medical incident introduced Shannon to LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping. He mastered rate negotiations at a packaging supply company and managed air-ride trade show shipping at Americana Worldwide. The growing demand for LTL shipping led him to manage it on the side, eventually surpassing his air-ride business within a year.

In the early 2000s, Shannon started a freight brokerage and web development company, creating one of the first online TMS (Transportation Management Systems) to rate, book, and track LTL shipments. Over the years, he launched and sold several companies, helping firms like USS, Blue Grace, FreightCenter, Globaltranz, Pathmark, TQL, Megatrux, Transguardian, Exfreight, RR Donnelley, NARSC and Freight Run through executive roles, agent sales, consulting, and web development.

With 20 years of management experience in various sectors and an eight-year military background as an Automated Logistical Specialist (92A) and Scout (13F), Shannon has consistently delivered high-impact results through strategic leadership and negotiation skills.

Shannon’s vision to revolutionize logistics through technology led to the creation of Talk Freight. This platform allows shippers, truckers, freight agents, and 3PLs to manage logistics using their native language and voice from anywhere in the world. By training Generative AI models and collaborating with his IT team, Shannon has developed unmatched services, transforming the industry into a seamlessly connected world. AI is helping his visions come true, empowering people globally to manage logistics with unprecedented ease and efficiency.