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As a Transporter for TalkFreight, you tap into the first of its kind system that rockets your business into the stratosphere thanks to our patent pending software.

AI powered TMS and Loadboard that will rocket you to savings never imagined. Your competitors are looking for solutions, beat them to it! Read more below. 


Savings on fuel costs with AI map routing


AI can increase load optimization


Faster finding and booking loads
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ai powered trucking

Everything you did before, forget it.

Ever wanted a team of AI assistants, that operate without days off, or worse, having bad days? With our powerful tools, the days of hunting and negotiating with shippers are gone. TalkFreight takes all the heavy work off your shoulders and cranks it up to 100 with your AI companion.

Rate confirmations, routing and negotiations all done with AI. Stay loaded and make more than other truckers.

Ready for a change?

As a trucker and a trucking company owner, you’re at the core of the transportation industry’s success. You recognize the necessity of staying ahead in the dynamic world of trucking. While you’re doing an outstanding job, there’s a revolutionary tool that could take your operations to new heights: Artificial Intelligence. Trucking companies not leveraging AI are like race cars running on half their cylinders; they’ll never reach their full potential.

By incorporating AI-driven logistics into your strategy, you’ll unlock unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. This isn’t just about keeping up with the competition; it’s about leading the way. It’s time to embrace the power of AI and elevate your trucking operations to levels you never thought possible. Don’t let your potential be limited by conventional methods.

The future of trucking is AI, and it’s time to make it your reality.

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The Future Is AI

Our AI can have natural conversations with anyone, in their native language. No more language barriers. TalkFreight is the innovator and first to market AI that speaks with you, freeing up your day to focus on other aspects of your business. The question is, what will you be doing with the free time our AI has given you?

Team of Professionals

TalkFreight was founded by several of the top logistics professionals who know the shortcomings working as trucker. We designed the TMS and Loadboard to be user friendly, for you and your clients. We even offer custom solutions for your hard to please accounts.

Fast Payments

With the power of AI, you can get paid faster, within hours of POD. No longer do you need to wait for payments. Our AI streamlines all aspects of shipping helping you stay on the road, instead of behind a desk managing billing and invoicing. Saving time, and making you more money.

Talk to a Loadboard

TalkFreight's AI can quickly analyze and match available loads with the carrier's location, preferred routes, and schedule, reducing the time spent searching for loads manually. I-powered chatbots can assist in negotiating rates with shippers or brokers, streamlining the process and potentially securing better deals.

Full Driver Control

Integrating AI into shipping operations grants truckers full control over their accounts like never before. Receive real-time visibility and predictive analytics, enabling you to make proactive decisions and adjustments to any logistics strategies. This enhanced control leads to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and increases profit.

Real-time Updates

AI can provide real-time updates on load status, location tracking, and delivery confirmations, improving communication and transparency between truckers, shippers, and brokers. AI can learn from a trucker's preferences and past decisions to provide more personalized load updates for their customers.