Freight Agent FAQ’s

Let's Answer Some Of Your Questions

Freight Agent FAQ’s

As a freight agent for TalkFreight, you tap into the first of it’s kind system that rockets your business into the stratosphere thanks to our patent pending software

AI powered TMS and Loadboard that will rocket you to earnings never imagined.


Collective years of experience


More free time building your business with AI


Powered by the latest in LLM and Generative AI
Freight Agent Office

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you need more help, use the form below to contact us.

We do not require you to sign any exclusivity with us. In fact, we do not care if you have one with another 3PL. Your engagement with us is confidential and there is no way for any 3PL to know you are working through us.

Once you realize that our AI tools for you and your shippers are only available here, we are confident you will become a dedicated agent.

When a shipper moves to, it can be upsetting. As agents for other 3PL’s as well as brokers, our owners realized that losing business can be rectified. Once you become a TalkFreight agent, you get the account back.

If your customer moved to, we can reassign them to your account.

TalkFreight pays weekly via check or ACH. We pay out based on paid invoices.

We do not require agents to help with collection accounts

Once we have an initial conversation with our Agent team it takes on average of 2-3 business days. 

This includes an internal review as well as time for the potential agent to review our agent agreement. Onboarding your shippers can be aided by our operations team as well

Part of the process of becoming an agent includes an overview of our TMS and Loadboard. We will give you the ability to see how our AI and system works to make an educated decision.

Our AI driven TMS and Loadboard is capable of rating worldwide instantly. What other brokerage or software can do this for you?

95% of shipping modes are automatically rated. some examples of manually quoting shipments are: volume, permits, oversized, superloads and anything outside of the normal scope of transportation.


  • LTL – Less than truckload
  • Truckload– Dry van, Refrigerated, flatbeds, etc.
  • Rail & Intermodal – Including dray, loading, drop trailers, etc.
  • Cross-border shipping in all of North America – US, Canada and Mexico
  • Intra-shipping – We can instantly quote intra-Mexico, Intra-Canada as well as the US
  • Customs– Customs clearance is automated with AI
  • Duties & Taxes – Our customs team will work directly with your shipper to manage all customs duties and taxes
  • Shipping Insurance – Insure up to $15 Mil per shipment.
  • Air Cargo – Quotes, booking, tracking and reports. Everything needed
  • Ocean Cargo– Containers, Ro-Ro, HHG worldwide
  • Shipment Security – We offer tools for shippers to secure loads with trackers, load locks and other abilities. See Here

As an agent of TalkFreight, you will access to manage all your customer pricing, carriers, features and access.

Currently we have this feature available for our Enterprise solutions, but if you need to set one of your employees up for an email address or access to your account, we can do that for you

All tools and features to manage your book of business as a freight agent are included for free. 

If you want to enroll for our AI Sales Agent add-on or AI Customer Service add-on, you will pay for minutes used. We offer this at a considerable discount

TalkFreight allows new-to-freight agents training as well as videos to access at any time for refreshers

We want to help you grow

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The Future Is AI

Our AI can have natural conversations with shippers, in their native language. No more language barriers. TalkFreight is the innovator and first to market AI that speaks with your customers, freeing up your day to grow your book of business. The question is, what will you be doing with the free time our AI has given you?

Team of Professionals

TalkFreight was founded by several of the top logistics professionals who know the shortcomings working as an agent for brokers and 3PL's. We designed the TMS and Loadboard to be user friendly, for you and your clients. WE even offer custom solutions for those hard to please accounts.

Move Your Book Of Business

TalkFreight will help you move your book of business over as well as give you training tools to help your shippers. Our Generative AI will answer questions for your clients as easily as having a conversation. From shipment history, product lists, and addresses, you can create email templates to smooth the transition.

AI Sales Bot

Imagine taking a list of past or potential clients and having our AI contact them, answer any questions they may have and enroll them as your customer. Better yet, every interaction they have can be a natural conversation. From getting quotes, tracking updates, custom reports, our AI does this and so much more. All conversations are logged and available for review.

Full Customer Control

Need to change margins to gain a new client? As an agent with us, you have full control over your shippers. Need to add staff to your account?Create roles and privileges right at your fingertips. No more waiting for approval on how to run your business. Our AI will run a credit check on enrollment and apply a credit limit. This truly is a one of a kind system.

Instant Rates For All Modes

Yes, it is true. We offer instant LTL, Truckload, Refrigerated, Flatbeds, Rail, Intermodal and International shipping. Our AI will even compare rates of different modes for your shippers, so they will always know the best rates for any transportation needs. And our AI will explain these modes if needed and walk them through booking their shipments.