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Welcome to, where we are on a mission to transform the logistics industry with our pioneering artificial intelligence technology. Our advanced AI solutions streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide exceptional service to both shippers and carriers. Our conversational AI allows you to “talk with your freight,” offering a seamless, integrated logistics experience that addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges.


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Our Vision

At, our vision is to revolutionize the fragmented logistics industry through AI technology that enables natural conversations in any language. We believe in creating a seamless, integrated logistics experience that empowers businesses to manage their freight operations with ease and efficiency.

The Power of AI in Logistics

Machine Learning
Our AI solutions utilize machine learning to optimize data management, reduce rates, and streamline fragmented finance and data processes. This allows shippers to understand their flow processes better and manage data more efficiently.

Chat Bots
Our AI chatbots provide efficient customer support, reducing the need for human intervention. Unlike traditional chatbots, our AI-driven solutions offer more intuitive and responsive interactions, significantly enhancing customer experience.

Examples in Practice

  • Predict Demands: Our AI predicts demand patterns, helping businesses plan their logistics operations more effectively.
  • Plan Routes: Optimize route planning to ensure timely deliveries and reduce transportation costs.
  • Tracking & Tracing: Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments provide greater transparency and control.
  • Phone & Online Support: AI supports phone and online interactions, providing instant assistance and solutions.
  • Reporting & Analysis: Generate detailed reports and analyses to drive informed decision-making.
Human-like Conversation
Freight Broker and 3PL powered by AI

Human-like Conversation

Experience the advantages of human-like conversation with our AI system, which simplifies all shipping tasks and enhances user experience.

Streamlined Operations

Centralize all modes of shipping for instant rating and booking. Our AI-driven solutions ensure that all shipping operations are managed in a centralized location, providing quick and accurate results.

Efficiency Booster

Reduce hours of work to seconds, eliminating human error and downtime. Our AI works tirelessly, ensuring consistent performance without breaks.

Increased Sales

Utilize AI-driven sales agents to maximize revenue opportunities. Our AI enhances sales processes by providing timely and relevant information to potential clients.

Our Business Model: Multi-revenue Streams


Offer our AI technology to businesses through licensing agreements, providing them with advanced tools to enhance their logistics operations.

Freight Services

Provide comprehensive freight services, leveraging our AI to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Shipping Insurance

Offer shipping insurance as part of our service portfolio, providing clients with peace of mind and financial protection.

AI Sales Bot

All users will have access to our AI feature that can make sales calls. This allows users to build their client base with AI driven solutions tailored to their needs.

Customs Clearance

Cross-border shipments that require custom clearance is integrated into our software. This streamline approach of including everything in-house, solves the issues with border delays

AI Custom Service Bot

All users will have access to our AI customer support that will be available for their customers to answer any question they want to load into our AI. Fully customized by the users.

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