Mike Levy: COO Talk Freight Worldwide

Meet Mike Levy

Mike Levy

As Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Mike Levy oversees company operations and administration, ensuring processes and procedures drive company goals. His responsibilities encompass strategic partnerships and business development, team management, finance and investor relations, human resources, and legal and regulatory compliance.

Mike brings over 30 years of senior management experience, including successful start-up operations and a proven track record of driving operational excellence. Most recently, he was President of Operations at Hall of Fame Village, where he managed all on- and off-site assets. His extensive career in sports and entertainment spans roles with 11 professional sports franchises, 13 facilities, and 11 sports leagues, including MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

In strategic partnerships and business development, Mike’s extensive network and ability to identify mutually beneficial opportunities have been crucial. He ensures that partnerships not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to long-term goals. His market insights and proactive approach keep the company ahead of the competition.

Mike’s leadership in team management fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability. By setting clear goals and providing resources and support, he ensures optimal team performance. His expertise in finance and investor relations, along with a strong focus on legal and regulatory compliance, further solidifies his role as a cornerstone of the company’s success.