Hector Mora: Director Talk Freight Mexico

Meet Hector Mora

Hector Mora

Hector Mora Gómez is a distinguished expert in logistics and port management with a career spanning over four decades. Most notably, Hector served as the Director of the Manzanillo Port for 6 years, and has a history in logistics spanning over 30 years. During his tenure, he transformed the port into Mexico’s leading container movement hub, overseeing significant infrastructure projects and forging international partnerships. His leadership saw the construction of key facilities and successful negotiations with major shipping companies like NYK, APL, and MSC.

In addition to his pivotal role at Manzanillo Port, Hector founded and led Grupo Cardinales, managing various maritime projects, including breakwaters and emergency centers. He also served as an Honorary Consul for the Philippines, promoting trade and protecting Filipino citizens’ rights in Mexico.

Hector’s career includes serving as a Port Advisor in the Ivory Coast, where he strengthened the relationship between the port and the city of Abidjan. His dedication to logistics is further shown through his work with Dapre Constructions, specializing in maritime construction, and his advisory role with mineral shipping companies.

Holding an Aviation Bachelor Degree and a Commercial Pilot license from the U.S. and Mexico, Hector combines technical knowledge with strategic insights, making him a formidable industry figure. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he is passionate about his work, family, and health, and continues to contribute significantly to logistics and port management.