David Burdick: CEO Talk Freight Worldwide

Meet David Burdick

David B

David Burdick oversees our company’s direction and vision, sales and revenue growth, customer service, and partner relations. He is a seasoned professional in the transportation and logistics industry, known for his innovative approach and leadership throughout his career.

Born on March 5, 1963, in the United States, David has held key roles at prominent companies such as Churchill Truck Lines, Nations Way, Central Freight Lines, Viking Transportation, Jones Truck Lines, Viking Freight Systems, and Expeditors. His expertise spans sales, marketing, operations, and business development. Known for consistently being a top performer in sales and marketing across North America, he has forged strong client relationships and delivered exceptional results.

David has been instrumental in driving technological advancements within the industry. He played a crucial role in developing Freight Snap, an application that revolutionized freight measurement and classification. He also pioneered the creation of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and contracts based on historical rates since 1998. Additionally, he implemented Freight Adjustment Algorithms (FAA) to reduce costs by adjusting freight classifications.

Currently, David is facilitating the development of the first AI interface for door-to-door shipping solutions in North America with Talk Freight. This venture aims to revolutionize client interactions and streamline logistics processes using artificial intelligence.

Throughout his career, David Alan Burdick has embodied innovation, integrity, and excellence, leaving a lasting impact on the transportation and logistics industry. His commitment to advancing the field continues to inspire his colleagues and peers.