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Ward Transportation & Logistics

Ward Transportation & Logistics

W. W. Ward started this whole thing back in 1931 with one truck and two guys (and one of those guys was him). Good, old, roll-up-your-sleeves, hard-work, and a growing number of dedicated colleagues helped Ward Trucking become the full catalog of logistics solutions that is now known as Ward Transport and Logistics.

Still family-owned and operated, and now with 1,400+ employees, the 4th generation of the Ward family knows that looking back is vital to moving forWARD! Join us in the journey of the Ward TLC company history.


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Our carrier network and terminal locations cover the entirety of North America and beyond. By partnering with over 50 of the largest carriers like Ward Transportation & Logistics, TalkFreight provides you with the most extensive coverage and best rates available.

Choosing a transportation and logistics provider like Ward Transport & Logistics Corp. involves evaluating factors that align with your shipping needs and business requirements. Integrating TalkFreight’s AI with Ward’s services can offer customers significant time and cost savings while enhancing overall efficiency.

Regional and National Coverage Ward Transport & Logistics Corp. offers extensive coverage with regional expertise in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest, as well as national and international services. TalkFreight’s AI can optimize routing and logistics, ensuring efficient and cost-effective deliveries across these regions.

LTL Specialization Ward’s specialization in LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping allows for cost savings by consolidating shipments. TalkFreight’s AI can enhance this by optimizing load consolidation and space utilization, providing even greater cost efficiencies.

Logistics Solutions Ward offers a range of logistics solutions, including warehousing and supply chain management. TalkFreight’s AI can assist in streamlining these operations, analyzing data to reduce inefficiencies and improve supply chain performance.

Technology Integration Ward utilizes advanced technology to provide real-time tracking and visibility for shipments. TalkFreight’s AI can enhance this by offering predictive analytics, automated alerts, and advanced tracking features, ensuring a seamless shipping experience.

Customer Service Ward’s commitment to exceptional customer service is complemented by TalkFreight’s AI, which can provide personalized support and assistance throughout the shipping process, addressing any issues promptly and efficiently.

Sustainability Initiatives Ward is dedicated to sustainability, with initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact. TalkFreight’s AI can contribute to these efforts by optimizing routes for fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions.

By integrating TalkFreight’s AI with Ward Transport & Logistics Corp.’s services, customers can enjoy a more streamlined, cost-effective, and personalized shipping experience. Whether you’re shipping regionally, nationally, or internationally, TalkFreight’s AI can help optimize the process, saving you time and money while ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.