Want to Learn about OS&D (Lost and Found)?


Handling OS&D in the Freight Industry: Lost & Found Overview is an excellent and informative 5 page article that provides a comprehensive guide on managing Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) freight issues at ShippingInsuranceShop.

It covers strategies to avoid such incidents, steps to manage them when they occur, analysis of real-life scenarios, and an assessment module for better understanding and handling of Over Shortage & Damage situations in the freight industry. Understanding these aspects can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce financial losses for businesses in the freight sector. You can read the full article here at shippinginsuranceshop.com.

OS&D stands for “Over, Short, and Damaged Freight.” This term is used in the shipping and logistics industry to describe discrepancies or issues that can occur during the transportation of goods. Here’s a breakdown of what each component means:

  1. Over: This refers to situations where the recipient receives more items than were listed on the shipping documentation. This can happen due to errors in packing or loading, and it requires resolution to ensure inventory accuracy and avoid disputes.
  2. Short: This indicates that fewer items were delivered than were supposed to be, according to the shipping documents. This might occur due to errors in loading, theft, or loss during transit. Identifying and addressing short shipments is crucial for customer satisfaction and inventory tracking.
  3. Damaged: This term is used when the goods arrive in a damaged condition. This can happen due to rough handling, inadequate packaging, accidents, or environmental factors during transit. Damaged freight can lead to financial losses and may affect the reputation of the shipping company or the sender.