Understanding FAK Class Exception in Freight Shipping: Insights from a Professional

Understanding FAK Class Exception in Freight Shipping

As a seasoned freight professional, I understand the intricacies of shipping logistics can be daunting. One key concept to grasp is the FAK (Freight All Kinds) Class Exception. This essential tool simplifies shipping by allowing various commodities to be shipped under a single freight class, regardless of their actual NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) class.

What is FAK Class Exception?

FAK Class Exception streamlines the shipping process by grouping multiple freight classes into one. For example, FAK 50 might cover items with actual classes ranging from 50 to 92.5, while FAK 100 could include items with classes from 100 to 200. This approach significantly reduces the complexity and cost of shipping.

Benefits of FAK Class Exception

1. Cost Savings: By consolidating multiple freight classes, shippers can benefit from lower shipping rates.

2. Simplified Logistics: With fewer classifications to manage, the logistics process becomes more straightforward.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined operations lead to faster shipping times and reduced administrative burdens.

Key Considerations

While FAK Class Exception offers many advantages, it’s important to note the maximum liability limits for shipment loss or damage. Typically, these are capped at $5.00 per pound per package, with a maximum of $100,000 per shipment.

Waived and Reduced Charges

To further streamline shipping, certain accessorial charges are often waived, including single shipment charges, appointment fees, corrected bill of lading fees, reweigh fees, and inspection fees. Additionally, charges for residential delivery, liftgate services, limited access delivery, redelivery, and guaranteed AM/PM delivery are commonly reduced.


Embracing FAK Class Exception in your shipping strategy can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. As logistics professionals, understanding and utilizing these classifications can enhance service delivery and client satisfaction.

For more detailed insights into how FAK Class Exception can benefit your business, contact your logistics provider or consult one of our Talk Freight experts. By staying informed, you can navigate the complexities of freight shipping with confidence and ease.