Truck Parking Club: A Solution for Truckers and Landowners


Truck Parking Club, spanning 210 locations in the U.S., focuses on aiding truck drivers in locating and reserving parking spaces quickly and efficiently. In 2023, it has become a reliable service for numerous drivers, addressing the country’s widespread truck parking shortage. The Truck Parking Club is now inviting property and business owners who have spare space that could be used for truck parking to join its network.

About Truck Parking Club The Club offers a digital and mobile application platform for owners of unused properties to list their spaces for truck parking. These spaces might include areas belonging to trucking companies, tow truck services, truck repair shops, storage firms, CDL schools, parking operators, real estate investors, and more, with no binding leases or commitments involved. Truck drivers can use the platform to find and reserve these parking spots, ensuring they have secure and accessible locations to rest during their journeys.

Joining is simple: visit https://truckparkingclub.com, select “Become a Property Member,” and follow the straightforward steps to submit a property for approval, which typically takes less than 15 minutes. The Club streamlines the entire process for landowners, from reservations and bookings to customer service and handling payments.

Benefits for Property and Business Owners Membership in the Truck Parking Club allows owners to monetize their underused land, which can be near highways, truck stops, transport hubs, or even in remote areas.

The Need for More Truck Parking Truck drivers often struggle to find safe and accessible parking, leading to parking in unauthorized locations or spending excessive time and fuel on parking searches. On average, drivers spend 50 minutes looking for parking, impacting their well-being and productivity and leading to significant financial losses annually.

By providing truck parking, landowners not only generate income but also contribute to the safety and efficiency of the transportation sector.

For more information, visit https://truckparkingclub.com or contact (888) 899-PARK