Tools To Spot Unauthorized Cargo Movement

Tools to spot unauthorized cargo movement

Video transcript- Unauthorized Cargo Movement
Powerfleet Inc. and MiX Telematics Limited have completed a merger that creates a scaled, global entity of choice focused on unifying business operations by simplifying how customers manage, analyze and utilize data to drive improved business performance.
MiX Telematics, which provides efficiency, safety, compliance and security solutions for enterprise and small fleets, is now known as MiX by Powerfleet.
MiX by Powerfleet creates hardware and software specific to customer requirements and develops and implements connected and protected fleet telematics data and mobile asset management solutions. MiX offers a wide range of solutions for fleets of any size, including vehicle and video telematics, equipment and asset management, OEM Connect, ELD compliance and app-based tracking, among other things, designed to simplify and optimize fleet operations, boost safety and maximize ROI.

Transportation management system Transport Pro has partnered with technology provider CarrierOK in an effort to mitigate freight fraud, which is up about 20% year over year.
CarrierOK delivers up-to-date safety and performance data on domestic freight businesses, offering insights for risk assessment and optimal carrier selection, reducing freight fraud risks and enhancing booking decisions. Using the latest FMCSA data and other verified data sources, the integration between Transport Pro and CarrierOK provides real-time data prior to dispatch and actionable insights to operations teams.
This integration offers:
• Comprehensive, easy-to-understand carrier profiles with real-time carrier information provided at the time of dispatch so users can make educated, rapid decisions.
• Actionable insights such as equipment details, inspections, safety records, identification of connections between companies, shared equipment usage, address changes and history of operations.
• And visibility into industry benchmarks with continuously updated data via the CarrierOK portal that shares key metrics to dispatchers to reinforce the carrier vetting process.
President and founder of Transport Pro (Kenneth Kloeppel) said, “Our integration with CarrierOK gives a broker real-time access to a carrier scorecard right in their operations workflow. It doesn’t do any good to catch a bad carrier after the rate confirmation has been sent. Brokers should be using vetting tools baked into their TMS platform that give real-time insights at their fingertips, reducing freight fraud across their operation.”

AI-powered integrated operations platform Motive has rolled out a range of new products and services.
The first is the new AI Omnivision – a general-purpose computer vision platform for physical operations that gives customers more visibility and allows them to develop and deploy precise, tailor-made AI models quickly by leveraging Motive’s AI Omnicam, a 360-degree vehicle camera that provides side, rear and cargo monitoring. Industries include transportation and logistics, waste services, construction, oil and gas and more.
Transportation and logistics customers can spot unauthorized movement of cargo and track unauthorized access or theft, as well as alert a driver or manager in real time if cargo is improperly tied down. It also enhances safety for commercial vehicles with large blind spots such as passenger transit, waste services, delivery, construction and more by detecting pedestrians, workers, cyclists, joggers and children in real time and alerting drivers to potential collisions to enable quick preventative actions.
The second is Motive Beacon, a small Bluetooth-based tracking device that locates small assets and equipment in warehouses, on job sites and in transit.
Third is a driver safety solution with first responder functionality that provides emergency services with data like vehicle location, make, model, color, license plate, orientation, passengers and other important information while simultaneously notifying the safety manager of the collision.

And fourth is Motive’s upcoming enhancements to its Driver Safety Solution, including new AI models that detect even more unsafe behaviors such as drowsiness, lane swerving, forward-collision warnings, sideswipe and blind spot monitoring, and unsafe parking.