Nearshoring to Boost US-Mexico Trade in 2024

Nearshoring to Boost US-Mexico Trade in 2024

The nearshoring trend is expected to significantly boost US-Mexico trade in 2024. With more companies looking to mitigate risks and reduce supply chain disruptions, Mexico has become an attractive destination for relocating manufacturing operations. This shift is driven by Mexico’s proximity to the United States, favorable trade agreements like the USMCA, and a skilled workforce.

Almost 40% of shippers have already taken advantage of nearshoring or are considering it. Factors contributing to this shift include the need to amortize risk and the desire for more stable and efficient supply chains. Additionally, Mexico’s growing pool of skilled labor, particularly in manufacturing and engineering, is a major draw for companies looking to relocate operations.

Several industries are expected to benefit from this trend, including automotive, electronics, and fresh produce. The automotive industry, in particular, is poised for growth, with significant investments being made in the region. Cross-border freight operations are expected to see increased activity, with more tractor-trailers carrying goods between the US and Mexico daily.

The USMCA has created favorable conditions for business by reducing tariffs and streamlining transactions across the border. Mexico’s strategic location and competitive labor costs make it an ideal hub for nearshoring, positioning it for substantial economic growth in the coming years.

As we move into 2024, businesses are encouraged to consider nearshoring as a viable strategy for optimizing their operations and improving supply chain resilience. Why not schedule a call to talk to one of our Internation Trade Experts at TalkFreight.

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