Leading Flatbed Transportation Solutions at TalkFreight

Leading Flatbed Transportation Solutions at TalkFreight

Leading Flatbed Transportation Solutions at Custom Logistics

Comprehensive Flatbed Transportation Service

Custom Logistics offers exceptional flatbed transportation services, ideal for moving large construction equipment or building supplies. Our expertise in handling overweight and over-dimensional cargo makes us a preferred choice for flatbed trucking needs. Equipped with a variety of flatbed carriers, we are prepared to meet diverse customer requirements effectively.

Equipped for Secure Cargo Transport

Our tractor and trailer combinations are fully equipped with chains, binders, straps, and tarps to ensure your cargo is securely fastened and protected during transit. We handle both full and partial load shipments, catering to heavy cargoes that may not fit in standard box-type van trailers. Our services extend to transporting various types of steel, industrial machinery, equipment, and building materials, serving a wide array of industries.

Full Truckload and Less Than Truckload Services

Custom Logistics provides comprehensive solutions including full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) services for flatbed and van shipments. We also specialize in bulk commodity shipments, ensuring versatility in our transport offerings.

Specialized Skills in Flatbed Driving

Operating a flatbed truck requires specialized skills, particularly in navigating challenging terrain and heavy traffic. Our drivers are highly trained to manage these challenges, guaranteeing safe and timely deliveries. The efficiency of our trucking services ensures hassle-free and cost-effective transportation.

Expertise in Loading and Strapping

Loading and securing cargo on a flatbed truck is a skill that our drivers excel in. They are adept at handling heavy loads, ensuring they are strapped or chained securely for safe transit. Our commitment to damage-free freight shipping is unwavering, fulfilling your freight moving needs both safely and economically.

Custom Solutions for Unique Transportation Needs

Custom Logistics focuses on providing safe, innovative, and reliable flatbed transportation. We have the ability to provide the right equipment at the right time and price, offering customized solutions to our customers’ transportation challenges.

Guarantee of Safety, Speed, and Reliability

Safety, speed, and reliability are the cornerstones of our flatbed transportation services. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards in these areas, making us a trusted partner for transporting large products and raw materials, such as large diameter sewer pipes for construction sites.