Freight Insurance: Third-Party Shipping Insurance Providers


Is All-Risk Shipping Insurance Right for You?

Freight Insurance: When a shipment is lost or damaged, it can take months before your claim is settled under a carrier’s standard limited liability coverage. More than half of all freight broker liability claims are denied entirely, and the Shipper receives nothing. In the other half of cases, Shippers are entitled to only a fraction of the total value of the shipment. In the meantime, this lost revenue and disruption to your supply chain can have dramatic and lasting ramifications on your business.

Do you realize relying on a Carrier policy to pay your Claim is unwise, as their policies are full of hundreds of exceptions and defenses against paying your Claim?

Do you ship high-value goods in LTL quantities?

Can you afford to have a Carrier’s Insurance Company deny or pay only 2% of your claim?

Does the way your freight is packaged practically make it rollover and bombproof because any less than that the typical Carrier insurance policy will deny based on “insufficiently (rigorous) packaging?” based on Carmack Amendment limits or other reasons such as the shipper not complying with the most stringent packaging requirements?

Does the value of your typical FTL shipment exceed $100,000?

Can you afford to absorb the financial burden of a lost or damaged shipment for 3+ months while awaiting a settlement on your carrier liability claim?

If your carrier liability claim is denied in the event of a partial or total loss — as they often are in more than half of all cases — how long and how many new sales would it take to recoup a total loss?

Whether you ship big, or small, constantly or occasionally — if you can ship it, we can insure it.

Your business deserves the highest standard of reliability and protection to ensure that your goods are covered for their full value, no matter what.

Limited Liability coverage offered by a freight or parcel carrier is not the same as being insured for the value of the goods being shipped. Carriers have a legal financial responsibility to their customers when goods are lost or damaged, but only in certain circumstances, and only up to a certain amount. The Limited Liability coverage provided through your carrier will only reimburse damage or loss up to $100 in most cases for individual parcels, or for cents on the pound of the total weight for larger freight shipments — and only when you, the Shipper, can prove a loss was directly attributable to carrier negligence.

Major Parcel Carriers: Maximum payout of $100 customary

Ocean Carriers: Maximum of $500 per container customary

Domestic Air Carriers: $0.50 per pound customary

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments: Ranges from $0.10 – $25.00 per pound with customary payout of $0.50 per pound

Full-Truck-Load (FTL) shipments: Maximum payout of $100K customary

Under Limited Liability, Shippers are not covered for damage or loss due to common external factors such as Acts of God, theft, other drivers on the road, spoilage, or anything else out of the carrier’s immediate control. Additionally, if you cannot prove carrier negligence, you are not entitled to any payout for lost or damaged goods, so more than half of all Limited Liability claims are denied entirely.

Peace Of Mind, Every Time

We believe Shippers deserve better than the bare minimum, and that you should be entitled to every dollar of your shipment’s retail value should you experience a loss. Our selected 3rd party insurance vendor Shipping Insurance Shop offers door-to-door coverage for the total value of your package or shipment, providing the supplementary insurance for freight you need to guarantee you are covered in the event of damage or loss, no matter when, where or why it occurs — and at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

We cut through the red tape to better protect your shipment, and get you paid faster. Our average claim is settled in just 25-30 days once supporting documentation is submitted, compared to 3+ months on average through the carrier. Please note there is a deductible of $500.00 for shipments $1500.00 and above. We help you get the money you need, when you need it. This translates to happier customers, faster sales recovery, and minimized disruption to your daily operations.


All-Risk Freight Shipping Insurance Carrier Limited Liability
Door-to-Door Coverage Yes Limits liability to the time only in which goods are in the care of the carrier
Pays regardless of shipper’s ability to prove carrier negligence as causation of loss Yes Shipper must prove loss or damage is the direct result of carrier negligence
Pays for losses outside of carrier’s control Yes Extensive defenses and exclusions for loss and damage as the result of external factors, such as Acts of God
Pays shipper for full value of lost or damaged goods Yes Financial responsibility only up to limits set by the carrier on their Bill of Lading
Typical Claim Duration Claims paid within 25-30 days on average, once supporting documentation received. Please note there is a deductible of $500.00 for shipments $1500.00 and above. Claims settled within 120 days on average, once supporting documentation received.

What Is Shipping Insurance?

Shipping insurance is a form of insurance that covers the loss or damage of goods during shipping. It is also known as maritime insurance or cargo insurance. Shipping insurance is important for businesses that ship products domestically or internationally, as it protects against the financial losses that can occur if goods are damaged or lost in transit.