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Custom Companies believes that to accomplish our goal of getting things right for our clients the first time, we need to build a strong foundation of values. Our flexibility, commitment to quality, and respect, all come together to create trust with ourselves and our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our services to each of our clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Every day, 24 hours a day, we will go above and beyond to develop solutions to make it happen.

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Our carrier network and terminal locations cover the entirety of North America and beyond. By partnering with over 50 of the largest carriers like Custom Companies, TalkFreight provides you with the most extensive coverage and best rates available.

The Custom Companies, Inc., we prioritize quality at every juncture. As a pioneering transportation solutions provider headquartered in Chicago and Los Angeles, we serve clients nationwide. Our commitment to innovation is evident as we continuously research and develop groundbreaking technologies, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry. Unlike many others, we have unrestricted access to a diverse range of equipment, ensuring optimum service delivery. Being a privately held, family-run business, we take personal ownership of your needs, ensuring unmatched service quality. Our dedicated team, experts in their respective fields, are available 24/7, 365 days a year, guaranteeing friendly, timely, and efficient services whenever you need.